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Service MacBook Surabaya 

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Surabaya is the capital city of the East Java province in Indonesia. It is the second-largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and serves as a major commercial, industrial, and educational center in the country. Surabaya is located on the northern coast of Java Island and has a population of over 3 million people. The city has a rich history and played a significant role in Indonesia's struggle for independence. It was the site of the Battle of Surabaya in 1945, where Indonesian fighters resisted the return of Dutch colonial rule.

Surabaya is known for its vibrant culture, bustling streets, and diverse culinary scene. The city offers a mix of modern developments and historical landmarks. Some popular attractions in Surabaya include:

  • House of Sampoerna: A museum and cigarette factory showcasing the history of Sampoerna, one of Indonesia's largest cigarette companies.
  • Suramadu National Bridge: Also known as Surabaya-Madura Bridge, it is one of the longest bridges in Indonesia, connecting Surabaya with the island of Madura.
  • Heroes Monument: A landmark commemorating the heroes of the Battle of Surabaya, with a museum and an observation deck offering panoramic views of the city.
  • Tunjungan Plaza: A large shopping mall with a wide range of international and local retail brands, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.
  • Surabaya Zoo: One of the oldest zoos in Southeast Asia, housing a diverse collection of animal species.
  • Al-Akbar Mosque: A grand mosque known for its impressive architecture and size, accommodating thousands of worshipers.
  • Surabaya North Quay: A waterfront area with recreational facilities, dining options, and a great place to enjoy the sunset.
  • WTC e-Mall: The World Trade Centers Association stimulates trade and investment opportunities for commercial property developers, economic development agencies, and international businesses looking to connect globally and prosper locally.

Surabaya is also a gateway to popular tourist destinations in East Java, such as Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, and the cultural city of Malang.

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Jika anda adalah pengguna Apple MacBook dan sedang berada di Kota Surabaya, Electro Mobile Apple Repair Service Store menawarkan solusi perbaikan Apple Device dengan harga terbaik. Hubungi kami sekarang!

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Electro Mobile Apple Repair Service Store Surabaya

Electro Mobile Apple Repair Service Store Surabaya adalah Local Apple Service Center yang secara khusus melayani perbaikan untuk semua jenis perangkat Apple seperti iPhone, MacBook, iPad, iMac, dan iWatch terbaik di Wilayah Surabaya dan sekitarnya. 
Jaminan service reparasi Apple Device yang cepat, bisa ditunggu, bisa dilihat, harga terjangkau, bergaransi toko, dan sparepart berkualitas. Kami berkomitmen untuk menyediakan Dukungan Teknis Profesional untuk menangani berbagai jenis kerusakan Apple Device dari sisi hardware maupun software dengan tepat. 
Apple Repair Service Store kami berada di Pusat Kota Surabaya, tepatnya di dalam gedung WTC e-Mall Lantai 2, No. R-816, Kota Surabaya. Best Apple Service Solutions, Hubungi Customer Service kami melalui Kontak yang Tertera di Official Website kami!

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Kunjungi Toko Kami di Alamat Berikut Ini:

  • Toko I: WTC e-Mall Lantai 2, No. 816, Kota Surabaya (@elmobsub)
  • Toko II: WTC Mall Lantai 2, No. 227, Kota Surabaya (@irepairsub

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