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A Long Story Short Of Apple MagSafe

Story Of Apple MagSafe

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Electro Mobile Apple iRepair  Service Store Surabaya (Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac, iWatch Repair Service at West, East, North, South, and Central Surabaya) - Hello everyone! In west surabaya to east surabaya, in north surabaya to south surabaya, and from center surabaya to the moon (okay, the last word is only our joke, don't mind). As you know, MacBook laptop products have been known for their innovative MagSafe charger accessories in my opinion. But since 2015, to be precise on the 12-inch MacBook, Apple removed the MagSafe technology. Well, in this article elmobsub.com site will talk about A Long Story Short of Apple MagSafe (Apple iConic Charger). Ladies and Gentleman here we go!

So Why did Apple remove Apple Magsafe?

In 2016, MagSafe was also absent from the MacBook Pro Touch Bar and now on the MacBook Air Retina Display. In short, there aren't any Mac computers with the latest technology that use MagSafe. In this article, that that we quote from the MakeMac, we will invite you to reminisce a little about MagSafe and share your opinion about why MagSafe was removed.

What is Apple Magsafe? Anyone?

Well, MagSafe is a magnetic contact charger connector cable technology. This cable has been pinned to the charger on Mac computers starting from 2006, to be precise on the MacBook Pro product. The word MagSafe is actually more about the magnetic connector at the end of the Mac charging accessory. So when Apple uses a charger with a USB-C port on the MacBook 12, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Retina Display, these accessories use the name USB-C Power Adapter.

The patent for MagSafe is held by Apple and is not opened to third party accessories developers. Because of this, you won't find official third-party accessories in a form like the MagSafe. What makes many Apple Fanboys fall in love with MagSafe technology? Of course a magnetic connector is used. You only need to use one hand only to connect MagSafe to the charging port on a Mac computer. Likewise when letting go.

The magnetic strength in MagSafe keeps it attached tightly while charging the battery, but it's still easy to remove when you're done using it. This factor is also what makes MagSafe easy to disconnect when you accidentally pull the cable or maybe the cable makes you trip. Only the MagSafe cable will be loose and pulled, while your laptop is still sitting on the table. Thanks to MagSafe and Apple's smarts who made this technology.

Here The History of the Apple Magsafe
Sure, the first generation MagSafe arrived in 2006 on MacBook Pro devices. It is a box shape, there are indicator lights on both sides and 5 Pin Outs. The 4 Pin Out at the edges is bigger than the middle part which functions as the Control Pin. The second generation of MagSafe began releasing in 2012 on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina Display devices. The shape is thinner and remains boxy, meanwhile Apple changed the first generation MagSafe to an L shape as in the first picture of this article.

There are 3 types of MagSafe divided based on the power provided. Namely 45Watt for the MacBook Air, 60W for the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the largest is 85W for the 15-inch MacBook Pro. You can use MagSafe with more power to charge the battery faster, but it is not recommended to use a lower power MagSafe on a 15-inch MacBook Pro for example.

So Why Apple Deleted Magsafe Charging Support
Although Apple never mentioned why they removed MagSafe, I have some analysis for that. This analysis comes from a number of discussions with other Apple Fanboys and observes every new Apple product.

1. Mac computers are thinner without MagSafe
The second generation MagSafe is made thinner than the first generation. Of course, to create new technology, Apple has to build a third-generation MagSafe which can be even thinner or replace it with another port. The choice taken finally replaced MagSafe with another port, namely USB-C. For example on the MacBook Air Retina Display, the thickness can only touch 1.56 cm if using USB-C.

While the previous generation MacBook Air had to settle for a thickness of 1.7 cm because there was a MagSafe port and also a regular USB.

2. Weaknesses of MagSafe: Dust and Cables Damage Quickly
In my 10 years of using Mac computers with MagSafe, I have listed the 2 biggest problems that can occur. The first is the dust or iron grit that sticks to the magnetic port of the Mac computer. This dirt can be dangerous because it makes the Pin Out on the MagSafe interconnect or create a short circuit. Plus it is difficult to clean dust or sand with iron elements that are attracted by magnets. Tips that you can do to clean it are to use paper duct tape and try to pull it into the adhesive part. Avoid cleaning MagSafe or magnetic ports on Mac computers with sharp objects. The next problem is cables that break quickly. MagSafe has a cable quality that is not much different from Lightning. That is easily torn at the end of the magnetic head or at the base of the charger. If it is damaged, the correct solution is to buy a new MagSafe because it cannot be disassembled. 
However, some technicians can replace the MagSafe cable by forcing it to open. And now Apple sells a USB-C Power Adapter to replace the MagSafe with a cable that is isa is removed when not in use. The quality of the cable is also stronger, but it's not like MagSafe which uses a magnetic connector.

3. Apple Inc Seeing if Apple MagSafe is Not Multifunctional
The next drawback of MagSafe is that it is not multifunctional. You can only use the charger and magnetic connector on a Mac for one thing only, charging the battery. Whereas in USB-C, this port can be used as input and output mode depending on the accessories you use.

Yes! Even if you're using an LG Ultrafine 5K monitor with a USB-C port, the cable can be used to send image data to the monitor while charging the battery to your Mac - all in one cable.

4. Mac computers that save more battery
In the past, you might have grinned when the MagSafe cable accidentally tripped you up in the cafe and fell off, but the laptop is still safe on the table. Now, this can no longer be done because USB-C doesn't use a magnetic port like MagSafe anymore. Actually, this can be interpreted in a positive way. That is, you no longer need to carry the charger cable out of the house, just use the battery in the Mac computer. 
Well, given the variety of the latest Mac products, the battery performance provided is very efficient.

So Now - Will Choose MagSafe or USB-C?

At first we was very disappointed with Apple removing the MagSafe port on Mac computers. However, when compared to the various advantages over USB-C, maybe it's time for MagSafe to retire in favor of its successor which is thinner, doesn't heat up quickly and is multi-functional. This article was reported from a trusted page makemac.grid.id.

Another Fact - The birth of a line of cellphones in the iPhone 12 line helped revive Apple's magnetic charging connector technology, MagSafe, with even more tempting innovations. Legacy technology that reportedly could be the future of Apple in making cellphones without port support at all has now transformed into a magnetic ecosystem for a myriad of accessories, including a faster wireless charging adapter. With the magnetic properties it carries, users can more easily adjust the adapter to the location of the coil in the cellphone so that wireless charging can work immediately. In addition, they don't have to worry about the wireless charging on the iPhone 12 being interrupted due to the accidental shift of the adapter's position.

The magnets used by Apple in this case will provide a tighter grip so that the wireless charging adapter will stay in place even if it's a little disturbed. MagSafe in particular even allows the wireless charging technology for the iPhone 12 line to work faster than the previous technology, which was only 7.5 Watts, now 15 Watts. Another facts that we see at mediacyber.id Apple released the iPhone 12 with more magnets thanks to MagSafe technology. Some people wonder about this additional magnetic material, does the magnet interfere with other devices?

The same is the case with credit cards, access cards and medical devices such as pacemakers. Reporting from the Ubergizmo page, Apple previously said that the MagSafe is not expected to pose a greater risk of magnetic interference to medical devices than previous iPhone models. This statement was written by Apple in an important document in the MagSafe, but it turns out that it is not necessarily 100 percent true. A study published by the Heart Rhythm Journal in which they found it can cause interference with pacemakers.

MagSafe on the iPhone 12 Series. (Apple)? Another study said it tested the MagSafe against a pacemaker made by Medtronic and found that when placed near a medical device, it actually deactivates the pacemaker. However, before worrying too much, this is not conclusive evidence, but things like that suggest it is possible for more research to be done to know for sure. Meanwhile, the deactivation suggests that perhaps adding a magnet to the iPhone 12 for MagSafe support could potentially present some risks for those with medical devices. Reporting from 9to5Mac, this is not always like the iPhone 12 which contains strong magnets can also cause similar problems. How about you, do you have any other opinion about MagSafe being removed by Apple? Share your comments on this article at our offical email: admin@elmobsub.com, see you!

This the article about A Long Story Shoort Of Apple MagSafe from the site www.elmobsub.com

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